About Me

smokingwizard-250pxMy passion for writing began while listening to my grandfather spin tall tales about gigantic rats, ferocious sharks and the man who caught a missile in his teeth. Growing up in a family where I was the second of five children, my craving for solitude eventually cultivated a truly overactive imagination that got me in a lot of trouble.  After hearing a sound recording of Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado” in my junior English class, I knew I wanted write. I was an average student and a standout athlete back in Ohio. I was fortunate enough to be a member of a state and national championship high school football team in 1981. Later I achieved All-American honors playing football in college.

I am a graduate of Cincinnati Moeller High School, Ohio Wesleyan University (BA) and Xavier University (MA). I started writing seriously while working as a sports editor for The Transcript at Ohio Wesleyan University.

After finally taking that creative writing class my senior year in college, I decided to become a freelance fiction writer. I had no idea.

Over the years, as I pursued my fiction writing, relocated to Tucson, Arizona in 1996 and published my first novel, Under the House, in 2004, writing and editing for other people as a source of income became a big part of my life.  When I’m not writing and editing, I teach high school English in Tucson, Arizona.

I have experience writing and editing the following:

  1. Novels and screenplays
  2. non-fiction articles
  3. website content
  4. instructional and procedural manuals
  5. technical research reports
  6. grant proposals
  7. educational proposals and curriculum.

I am a detail oriented, creative and specific writer and editor with experience meeting professional deadlines. My greatest asset is helping others find the words they need to communicate their ideas in the most effective way.

RS Hill