pointingwizard-200pxGhost Writing: The Wordy Wizard will create one edited draft conceived from substantial client notes, research and other written materials. I specialize in novel and screenplay rewrites, but I am open to just about any form.

Line editing: A collaborative line by line edit using MS Word track changes to identify what can be cut replaced or rearranged to improve the work. This service could include an evaluation of the following: character and plot development, clarity of objective and purpose, flow, sentence structure, superfluous words, unintended meanings, logic, and recommendations and/or potential ideas to make the work stronger.

Light editing/proofreading: Basic final proofreading using MS Word track changes with emphasis on language use, grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, style, and omitted words.

Manuscript Critique: This service is a detailed critique of the first 15-20 pages of your manuscript or screenplay. It includes my recommendations for improved character and plot development as well as ideas to make the story stronger and more marketable. This service does not include line editing or proofreading. $125 per manuscript.